Finnish Short Film Day is held for the 11th time on December 21st, and the celebration will start a week prior on the 14th of December. The day’s origins go back to France, and its purpose is to increase the visibility of short films and bring short film screenings closer to every film lover.

This year Finnish Short Film Day is organised by Tampere Film Festival, Yle, The Centre for Finnish Media Art, The Finnish Film Foundation, Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy, Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival, Turku Animated Film Festival, IhmeFilmi and Azh Boyzz. It is funded by The Finnish Film Foundation.


The Short Film Day and the week prior is open for anyone to join us in this special occasion to create their own private or public short film screenings and events.

We offer you the films and promotional materials completely free; Just set the date when you want to organise your screening, contact us to register and once you’ve got all of the material, it’s time to enjoy the short form movie-magic!

Sign up for pop-up event organisers is open now!

Please note that we follow normal office hours, during which reading and responding to messages and sign up forms is worked on.


The Pop-up events are an opportunity for anyone to organise a screening of their liking. Screenings can take place for example from the comfort of your own sofa in your home, in schools outdoors etc. during December 14th – 21st, 2023.

This year Short Film Day will once again provide amazing pop up short film packages!

If you have further guestions about the pop-up screenings, please don’t hesitate to contact our coordinator via e-mail

We will provide a password protected Vimeo-link to the selected short film package of your choice and possible promotional material if needed. Please test your Vimeo-link in advantage to make sure everything will go smoothly for your viewing. Film package links are valid during December 14th – 21th.


The committee working for Short Film Day curates a short film package specifically for cinema-screenings. The film package can be screened in cinemas during December 14th–21st, 2023.

If you want to arrange a cinema screenings, register by sending an e-mail to

Please provide us with the following details when applying:

  • Name of the event
  • Date and time
  • Venue
  • Description of the event (not required, but a nice bonus)
  • The website / social media of the cinema / event (not required, but a nice bonus)

Our coordinator will send you more detailed instructions and all promotion materials after you have registered via email.

If you have further questions please contact our coordinator via e-mail

We hope you have an inspiring Short Film Day!


“The screen is yours!”

Finnish Short Film Day presents its new Open Screen – film category for the first time this autumn. Open Screen allows participants to send in their own short films for a chance to be included in an official film package for this year’s event!

The selected films will have a great opportunity to be screened all around Finland in different pop-ups; in private gatherings as well as in public events arranged in schools, libraries etc. 

The main idea behind the Open Screen -category is to open the opportunity for anyone; amateur film makers, beginners and veterans alike to have a chance to be a part of an official pop-up film package, to give more opportunities to different film makers and to enjoy the movie-magic together!

The official Google forms for submissions opens here on October 2nd and is open for four weeks up to October 29th.

Details for submissions: 

  • Max runtime: 15 minutes
  • Subtitles: Yes, if the language is other than Finnish or English 
  • Age limit: At maximum rated 16 (If the film lacks an official rating, the rating will be done on the behalf of the Finnish Short Film Day.)
  • Year: Open
  • Country: Open
  • Submissions open: 2.-29.10.2023 
  • Rights: submitter is responsible for all  copyrights. By submitting the film, you commit to the film being screened if it is selected and the selection has been accepted by the filmmaker
  • Compensation: The films chosen to the Open Screen package will get an 80€ screening compensation per film.
  • Form: Film must be submitted via Vimeo or Youtube link

Introducing the curators

The Open Screen package will be curated by our very own Elina Vitkala and Teemu Saarinen.

Elina Vitkala is a multiskilled among the film and culture industry. She has experience for example working as a dramaturg and publishing editor, festival management, documentary film distribution, teaching and journalism. Vitkala has collaborated with several domestic and foreign film festivals. In addition to Finland, Elina has lived in England and Denmark.

Teemu Saarinen is one of the founders of the Azh Boyzz ( crew. Azh Boyzz focuses on genre films with brave, strong, practical, and alternative styles. They are not afraid to break common storytelling structures and create an experience that you won’t forget!

Teemu is an entrepreneur and the head of video production in his own company called Luala. Teemu has over 15 years of experience in different types of productions and multiple job titles. Worked as a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator, and Colorist just to name a few. Teemu lives and breathes films, he swallows film grain and keeps up his film tanning under the power of a flashing projector light.