55 min | Eng | Suositusikäraja 7

Tässä lyhytelokuvasarjassa pääsemme rullaamaan skeittikulttuurin moninaiseen maailmaan, jossa yhteisöllisyys, itsensä haastaminen ja periksiantamattomuus antavat suuntaa ja merkitystä niin nuorelle kuin vanhemmallekin skeittarille. Skeittileffat tulevat ensimmäistä kertaa mukaan Tampereen elokuvajuhlille maaliskuussa 2022 omalla ohjelmistollaan.


55 min | Eng | Recommended Age Limit 7

This short film package is about the diverse world of skating. The sense of community, challenging themselves and perseverance all give meaning to the young and even old skaters. Skating films programme premieres Tampere Film Festival on March 2022.

Joe Buffalo

Canada | 2021 | Documentary | 16 min | Director: Amar Chebib | Eng | Recommended Age Limit 7

Joe Buffalo is an Indigenous skateboarding legend. He’s also a survivor of Canada’s notorious Indian Residential School system. Following a traumatic childhood and decades of addiction, Joe must face his inner demons to realize his dream of turning pro.


The Netherlands | 2009 | Documentary | 15 min | Director: Billy Pols | Eng |

Nassim Guammaz wants to become the best skateboarder in the world. His father says he has to choose a secure future, and the boys from his neighbourhood think skateboarding is not for Moroccans. But Nassim follows his heart and does what he wants. This summer, for the first time, he is not going to Morocco with his family, but staying in the Netherlands to compete in important skateboard competitions.

Pispala, koko maailma

Suomi | 2010 | Dokumentti | 8 min | Ohjaaja: Juice Huhtala, Jussi Korhonen | Fin/Eng | Suositusikäraja 7

Skeitaten Pispalan kaupunginosan ytimeen.

Pispala – A Whole Another World

Finland | 2010 | Documentary | 8 min | Director: Juice Huhtala, Jussi Korhonen | Fin/Eng | Recommended Age Limit 7

Skateboarder`s Pipedream of Pispala.


Germany | 2020 | Experimental, animation | 7 min | Director: Johannes Kammerer | Eng | Recommended Age Limit S

Refugium is a Audiovisual Journey combining the Art of Skateboarding with Animation and Visual Effects. Skateboarding as an escape from everyday life, stress and fear into a “urban Neverland” – a surrealist world where you can still be a child.


USA | 2021 | Documentary | 3 min | Director: Owen Schatz | Eng | Recommended Age Limit S

Follow Jasaya Neale as he flows through the streets of Los Angeles in this short film about the unparalleled feeling of skateboarding.

Skateboarder Breana Geering

Canada, USA | 2021 | Documentary | 6 min | Director: Patrick O’Dell, Kynan Tait |Eng | Recommended Age Limit S

A look at the beginning of British Columbia native Breana Geering’s skateboarding history and career. Breana shares her experiences in the Vancouver skate scene and how instrumental the love and guidance of her mentors have been to her success.